Monthly Archives: May 2008

Masters of Song Fu, Round 1: “Paul and Storm – Theme Song”

Well, it’s in the can and submitted: our first entry in the Quick Stop Entertainment Masters of Song Fu contest. (Click here for an explanation of the contest) Our task for this opening round was to write a theme song for ourselves, in the style of a classic television show. (That is, as if there […]

RIP Earle Hagen

The Associated Press reports that Earle Hagen, composer of the theme to "The Andy Griffith Show"—and also the man whistling the melody in the opening credits—passed away this past Monday night at the age of 88. Hagen wrote many other memorable TV show theme songs, including the themes for "That Girl", "I Spy", "The Mod […]

Come Watch the Slideshow of Our Trip to Bisbee…

A number of new pictures are up on our flickr photostream lately. To wit: – New Set: Snack Foods That Sound Like Sex Acts. We came to this realization in a gas station convenience store somewhere in Wisconsin a couple weeks ago, and now we’re obsessed with it: lots of snacks are given names that, […]

Notes from the West Coast (and Phoenix)

Gosh and heck, Left Side of the Country: that was one whiz bang of a weekend. Too many neat things to list in detail, but here’s at least a few of the keener moments: Thurs. 5/15 – Phoenix – Whatever chemicals are in the air there, they appear to facilitate broken guitar strings. – We […]

Fighting Nuns Up the Ante

“Dejected Arrr” Shirts Are Here!

Folks who saw us live in the past two weeks already know this, but: the oft-requested, long-awaited "Dejected Arrr" shirts are finally available for everyone! Major kudos to our good buddy and artist extraordinaire Len Peralta (a.k.a. "Captain Awesome"), who did a brilliant job capturing the melancholy tone of our song "The Captain’s Wife’s Lament". […]

Coulton Amidst the Bison

We’ve gotten a lot of great feedback from folks regarding our "Wild Adventure! Tracking the Coulton" video. (And thank you) A couple people requested copies of the "artwork" from the historical background section of the video. We’re happy to oblige. Click on any picture below for a larger-scale version.

Westward Ho! (But Not the Naughty Kind of “Ho”)

We’re on our way to the American west again: covered wagons, crazy prospectors, cattle skulls in the sand, cowboys and farmers refusing to be friends, and fabled ghost towns like San Diego and Phoenix. Come join us ("us" being the two of us and our traveling companion/back seat driver Jonathan Coulton) this weekend: ——————————————————- Thursday, […]

Happy Mother’s Day!

It’s that time of year again: that one day every 365 that you buy a card, maybe some flowers; make an obligatory phone call, or a half-assed stab at breakfast in bed. All just to vainly attempt to thank the woman who went through 74 hours of excruciating labor to give birth to you, her […]

Superfriends and Wild Adventure!

We just smacked the Netterwebs upside the head* with two new videos. Come waste some time with us! Video #1 is the pilot episode of our new nature/exploration series "Wild Adventure!" In this first episode, we attempt to track one of the last remaining specimens of the great American Coulton. The second video comes from […]