Monthly Archives: July 2008

We’re Paul and Storm from the USA; You Must Be the UK!

Just wanted to announce that we are officially going to the UK in late October as part of Jonathan Coulton‘s "The Geeks Are Alright" Tour*. Tickets for Manchester and London are on sale already; a show in Oxford will be forthcoming, as well as a probable Nottingham date. Check the schedule for full details. Huzzah! […]


Posted recently by Joel Hodgson (of MST3000 and Cinematic Titanic fame): Thanks to Ken Plume for pointing us at this one.

What is YouTube?

Defined (adorably): Glad that’s settled, then.

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog

Genuinely awesome things don’t really happen very often anymore.  And when they do, attention must be paid. So when the following elements are gathered in one place: a musical starring Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion written by Joss Whedon released for free online …then it’s time to act. So go see Act I of […]

Very-Last-Minute Show Announcement

Straight from the "We Were Going to Be in Town Anyway" files, we have scheduled a last-minute show in Salt Lake City for this coming Thursday, July 17. If online viagra without prescription you’re in town, there are far worse ways to spend your Thursday evening. If you have any Mormon/teetotaling/BYU grad/industrial banker friends in […]

Off We Go Again

It’s been a nice couple weeks off, but it’s time to make the donuts again. Stalwart pal Jonathan Coulton joins us for several shows, and then we perform with some old Bob & Tom Show friends for the Common Ground Music Festival. We understand that several of these shows are either sold out or very […]

Thing a Week 53: Live (Masters of Song Fu Round 2)

Okay, maybe the above is a little presumptuous; but we’re hoping it’s close enough to a Coulton song to at least fit in the Ĺ“uvre. Perhaps we get ahead of ourselves, however; let’s backtrack… Our newest song was written for the Masters of Song Fu songwriting contest at Quickstop Entertainment. Our task this round was […]

Happy Impending Fourth of July!

As our nation’s 232nd birthday approaches, we invite you all to revisit our favorite Independence Day celebrant, Ten-Finger Johnny. Because there ain’t nobody better than America at blowing stuff up. Ten Finger Johnny Have a safe and happy Fourth, everyone!