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Here Come the Dinosaurs

We’re often asked “where do you get your ideas from?” Sometimes it’s inspired by a movie we saw, a conversation we had, or any number of other sources. The following song and video, however, can only be explained by “we have no idea.” Yet here it is. We hope you enjoy “Here Come the Dinosaurs“, […]

Operation Blue Mountain

Thanks and accolades to all of the Certified Minions and unregistered partisans who participated in the very successful Operation Blue Mountain on Tuesday, March 10 (Paul’s birthday). You answered the call in droves (specifically, 62 of you; how many droves in 62?), and carried out the mission with the determination, guile, and creativity that is […]

“Monkey Shines”

Jonathan Coulton‘s short-lived sitcom “Monkey Shines” had an extremely brief run on ABC in 1985; it was cancelled during the first commercial break of the first episode, and was ordered destroyed by then-ABC President Grant Tinker. The show slowly developed a cult following through the years, however but although numerous rumors of bootleg recordings of […]

What’s The Baby Using? – Dragon*Con 2008

What’s the baby using? A good question. One that has been asked before. Several times over, actually. Now, we ask it of the various attendees of Dragon*Con 2008. Who will win: good, evil, or celebrities?

Podcast News, Part I: The Ken P. D. Snyde-Cast

In the Belly of the Geek Beast

During our time at New York Comic Con a few months ago (where we recorded our Superfriends! video), we sat down for an interview (well, technically, we stayed standing, but that’s not the vernacular) with the Geeks with Issues podcast. At long last, they’ve posted it…here’s the link. The segment about our panel and the […]

Fighting Nuns Up the Ante

Gumbo Pants for the WIN!

We’ve been fortunate enough to work with artists who are able to take the roughest of ideas from us and turn them into pure Awesome. And it seems that the art establishment knows it, too. In the words of Gumbo Pants illustrator Chris Pyle himself: "I am pleased to announce that the artwork for Gumbo […]

One More Thing Re: Atlanta…

There’s an excellent write-up of this past weekend’s Atlanta show on the Quick Stop Entertainment website, which says many terribly nice things about us. And while we might have been willing to perform unspeakable acts to get such a glowing review, we actually didn’t have to do so, which makes it all the more sweet. […]

No One Will Be Seated During the Thrilling “Waiting in the Concourse” Sequence!

Here’s another video from last week’s San Francisco trip, as we were dispatched to pick up ukulelist and fellow sideman (sideperson?) Kristen Shirts and her husband Patrick from the airport. More of that glamorous rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle comin’ at ya!