Monthly Archives: March 2008

One More Thing Re: Atlanta…

There’s an excellent write-up of this past weekend’s Atlanta show on the Quick Stop Entertainment website, which says many terribly nice things about us. And while we might have been willing to perform unspeakable acts to get such a glowing review, we actually didn’t have to do so, which makes it all the more sweet. […]

Thank You, South Peoples

We neglected to thank everyone in both Charleston (technically, it was Isle of Palms, but whatever) and Atlanta for two great shows last weekend. Special thanks are due to Bob and Tom affiliate Q104.5 for promoting our first visit to the Charleston area in years. And Atlanta…what can we possibly say? Not only did you […]

Goin’ South

So this week, we finally dip Southward again, after a winter’s worth of cold snowy/rainy gigs. Geez, finally! This Thursday, we’ll be just outside of Charleston, performing at The Windjammer in Isle of Palms, SC. (Time to represent, SC Bob and Tom fans!) Friday is a travel day (we were trying to make something happen […]


Being based in the Washington, DC area, we have many, many sources pocketed throughout all levels of the government. One of our most deeply-embedded moles has leaked the following footage to us. While alarming and disturbing, we believe it to be vitally important to the national interest, and have posted it here—likely at our own […]

Thank You Birchmere, Hello Peoria and Documentary Song

Big thanks to everyone who was at the Birchmere show with us and Jonathan Coulton, old friends and new. Some of the highlights for us: – Panties!!!! Some of the most inventive and sexy undergarments hurled at us to date. – The level of participatory enthusiasm, including lusty singing-along, great pirate-y fervor, and the occasional […]

Birchmere? Act Fast!

The word on the street is that there are less than 50 tickets remaining for tomorrow night’s big show at the Birchmere with Jonathan Coulton. So if you’re planning on attending and haven’t bought your tickets yet, get thee hence and go do so. You’ve been warned!

The Mars-est of Cons

A quick note to thank everyone at MarsCon for being so gentle with us for our first sci-fi convention experience; it was good for us too.  It was great to see many of the popular Dementia artists under one roof, including many folks we’d never seen live before (including Rob Balder, Worm Quartet, Sudden Death, […]

No One Will Be Seated During the Thrilling “Waiting in the Concourse” Sequence!

Here’s another video from last week’s San Francisco trip, as we were dispatched to pick up ukulelist and fellow sideman (sideperson?) Kristen Shirts and her husband Patrick from the airport. More of that glamorous rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle comin’ at ya!