Everything that didn’t seem to fit anywhere else. You know—the “fun” stuff—an ever-expanding collection of lists, galleries, videos, and hopefully, some other cool stuff: polls, recipes, and anything else we feel like putting here. Any suggestions?


The Gallery of Thrown Panties The Gallery of Thrown Panties Lacy underthings that have been tossed at us during shows. Really.
The Gallery of Thrown Panties The Brigade of Minions Join the ever-swelling ranks of our loyal minions!
Snack Foods That Sound Like Sex Acts Snack Foods That Sound Like Sex Acts Pretty much as described…
Snack Foods That Sound Like Sex Acts Rejected Snack Foods Missteps from the world of marketing.
Artwork by Len Artwork By Len Our friend Len Peralta showcases his skills of an artist by illustrating our songs. (Coming Soon)
Storm's Left Arm Comix Storm’s Left Arm Comix Skills of an artist on gaudy display in our increasingly-less-regular strip.
LOLCoultons LOLCoultons We can haz pikchrz uv Jonathan Coulton, pleez?
Dilbert Plus Minused Garfield Dilbert Plus Minused Garfield Because the meta train never stops rolling


Monkey Shines - Opening Credits “Monkey Shines” – Opening Credits The opening credits sequence of Jonathan Coulton’s long-lost sitcom. (Added December 5, 2008)
Nature Hike from Hell Monkey! Five seconds of awesome, Coulton vs. monkey-style. (Added December 4, 2008)
Nature Hike from Hell Nature Hike from Hell Storm and his wife Gillian stare death in the face on their summer vacation. (Added September 7, 2008)
What’s the Baby Using? – Dragon*Con 2008 We ask the attendees of Dragon*Con what the baby is using, and they tell us. (Added September 2, 2008)
Superfriends Short music vid from our Comic Con travels. In this episode, Paul openly defies Jim Croce. (Added May 7, 2008)
Wild Adventure! Tracking the Coulton The pilot episode of our new nature/adventure series. In this episode, we try to track down the elusive Coulton. Danger! Excitement! Facts! (Added May 7, 2008)
David Lee Roth “Tribute” Our tribute to Diamond Dave. (Added April 14, 2008)
Song Failed Paul, Storm and Jonathan attempt to play a song that Jonathan wrote. Paul’s dogs are not helping matters. (Added April 6, 2008)
Coultonfield Bizarre happenings before a concert. A film that took literally hundreds of seconds from conception to completion. (Added March 10, 2008)
Sidemen Unite! Picking up Kristen Shirts at SF Airport for the big Jonathan Coulton concert DVD shoot. No one will be seated during the thrilling “waiting” sequence! (Added February 28, 2008)
Paul and Storm Eat a Lot of Dim Sum Four minutes of us eating. What could be more appealing? (Added February 27, 2008)
Road Trip with Paul and Storm feat. Jonathan Coulton How do you make a bunch of boring pix taken on one day of a road trip interesting? Easy–put them into PowerPoint! Download as a Flash file (74 MB) or in silky-smooth, native-format PowerPoint (139 MB compressed, includes text file instructions). (Added August 14, 2007)


Mystical Symbol Emily and the Really Sexy Vampyre

She was just, you know, this normal girl and stuff. And he was sooooo sexy!


Unused CD Titles The Exhaustive List of Unused CD Titles Over six years worth of rotten puns, inside jokes, strangeness, and terrible ideas.
Clown Names 279 Clown Names Everybody loves clowns and the blind terror that they inspire. Here’s 279 of them.