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The wait is over: Episode 1 of LearningTown is here!  All the blood, sweat, tears, puppets, potato chips, funny costumes, and countless hours* of prep, filming, and music production come down to two things: WATCH IT and SHARE IT! (Same goes for the other 9 episodes when they come out, every Tuesday.) You can also visit […]

LearningTown FAQ

This FAQ is geared primarily towards people who haven’t spent much (or any) time on YouTube, but there’s lots of good info here for video-hardened vets as well. And we recommend that EVERYONE interested in helping us get a Season 2 read the section on Things You Can Do to Help Us Get a Season 2. […]

LearningTown: It’s Almost Here!

The trailer for our new web series, “LearningTown“, is now online. Please watch it 9,367 times each, then forward it to 9,267 of your friends. UPDATE: watch our new sneak peek video, “Sausage Party”. And Like and Share that bad boy! (And oh, it’s a bad, bad boy.) “LearningTown” debuts Tuesday, January 15th on YouTube’s […]

Paul and Storm Basics

The short version is we’re a music/comedy duo, and have been writing and performing music together for two decades, starting in the professional a cappella band Da Vinci’s Notebook. A lot of our music is kinda nerdy, much like we are kinda nerdy, which led us to found a variety show called w00tstock along with Wil Wheaton […]