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Is an Authorized Bootleg Still a Bootleg?

Jen from the A Thousand Times No podcast got some good live audio from last week’s show at Milkboy Coffee with Coulton. Hear us in our "feature act" configuration, as well as in our "background singers" configuration. (by the way, whenever we sing backup for Jonathan, we are no longer Paul and Storm, but we […]

Hey, More Links!

It’s been quite a busy day, what with the new section of the site, two posts, and all. Thursdays, huh? The second of the aforementioned Jammin’ Java pre-show interviews we did along with JoCo is now online. Thomas Gideon of The Command Line sat down with us to talk all things Creative Commons, Code Monkey-ish, […]

Forums and “Wha?…”

So there’s two shiny new sections of the website today; the first is Forums, where you can gather with others and discuss all things PaulandStormical. We’re still tweaking it a bit, but it’s pretty much there. Gab away. The other new section is  "Wha?…" It’s a grab bag of the various randomness that won’t fit […]

ADD Cast Interview

Before our Jammin’  Java show, us ‘uns and JoCo sat down for a pair of podcast interviews, the fruits of which are starting to drop to the ground, splitting open to become festering homes for ants. But, really—it’s a very fun listen. Paul Fischer caught us all just as the swirling ether of pre-show excitement […]

Let’s Play “Awesome/Not Awesome”

So it was, for the most part, an awesome weekend in the Midwest. As always, Bob & Tom fans are a welcoming, friendly bunch. Plus, it being St. Patrick’s Day, the Billings crowd was especially, um, affable. (See below) But there were some…catches. So let’s use our bulleted lists to draw up a little comparison, […]

The Rock Juice, It Flowed Like Water…

Thanks to everyone at Sunday’s Jammin’ Java show for peing part of our most fun JJ show to date. While we weren’t pelted with stuffed monkeys with money pinned to them, a pair of panties did fire across our bow, we were accosted by pirates (and, later, zombie-pirates), and Paul got some cool Stormtroopers. You […]

Maplewood, NJ

Underground Concert Series Maplewood Memorial Library, 51 Baker St., Maplewood, NJ 8 p.m.

Rochester, NY

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Jam Some Java With Us

A reminder to all our DC-area Paul and StormTroopers (has that name caught on yet? Should we try a different one?), we’re returning to Jammin’ Java in Vienna, VA this Sunday, along with Jonathan Coulton, our partner in musical crime. (Don’t tell Jonathan, but we have a little man crush on him; he’s just so […]

Fancy New (Virtual) Digs

So here it is, in all its glory: the New & Improved You like? The atomic batteries should be to power, and the turbines should be to speed, so everything here should be in working order. Please poke around the place, get a feel for it, and tell us what you like, what you […]