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What happened while we were away

w00tstock: So *That* Happened…

Well, w00tstock 1.x has come and gone, and we are still blown away by how incredible an experience it was for us. And to think it all started because of our insecurity. True story: w00tstock was born because we wanted to schedule a few dates in California; but not having toured out there on our […]

So PAX Happenned…

So there’s this convention thing in Seattle? Where they get together to play computer games and stuff? And some former child actor is, like, their pope or something? Count us in! We’d heard about Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) several years ago, thanks to various friends of ours who had been there. For the uninitiated, PAX […]

Thanks, eh!

We’re sorry it took us so long to make it back to the Great White North, mostly because of all the Awesome we’ve been missing out on: – Great crowds. Not that we don’t love all our crowds equally (of course we do!), but it’s so nice to know that there’s a whole other nation […]

Web Love (and the Real Kind, Too)

First, the "real-world" love: many thanks to the crowd at this past Friday’s show at the Paradise in Boston; it was an amazing way to cap off the year for us, what with all the worked-up, sweaty geeks shouting and tossing a near-record pile of panties at us. Oh, and Jonathan was pretty good, too. […]

Dragon*Con Rundown

As you may have heard us mention, we spent last weekend at Dragon*Con—and even though we’ve already talked about it in our last podcast, and posted a movie about it, there’s still plenty more we haven’t really properly covered. So, in no particular order… It bears repeating: Dana Snyder is the life of the party, […]

NY = Filled with Win

So after 16 hours of driving in two days (plus an additional 3 hours on each end for Storm), we’re in full recovery mode now. Big big thanks for all the folks in Massena (especially Blind Andy and everyone at 101.5 The Fox) for packing the Lookout with a band of Seaway Valley crazies—visions of […]

Notes from the West Coast (and Phoenix)

Gosh and heck, Left Side of the Country: that was one whiz bang of a weekend. Too many neat things to list in detail, but here’s at least a few of the keener moments: Thurs. 5/15 – Phoenix – Whatever chemicals are in the air there, they appear to facilitate broken guitar strings. – We […]

Thanks, Philly and Northampton

Quick thanks for every last awesome person who was at World Cafe Live and the Iron Horse Music Hall. Great turnouts (especially for mid-week shows) and lots of thrown panties makes P&S very, very happy! Yes, the snack cakes flew. Yes, we ate at the USS Chowder Pot IV on the way up to Massamachoosits. […]

Thank You, South Peoples

We neglected to thank everyone in both Charleston (technically, it was Isle of Palms, but whatever) and Atlanta for two great shows last weekend. Special thanks are due to Bob and Tom affiliate Q104.5 for promoting our first visit to the Charleston area in years. And Atlanta…what can we possibly say? Not only did you […]

The Mars-est of Cons

A quick note to thank everyone at MarsCon for being so gentle with us for our first sci-fi convention experience; it was good for us too.  It was great to see many of the popular Dementia artists under one roof, including many folks we’d never seen live before (including Rob Balder, Worm Quartet, Sudden Death, […]