Monthly Archives: February 2008

Appearances in Several Different Media

So we’ve finally pretty much recovered from last weekend’s live concert DVD shoot with Jonathan Coulton (and we didn’t even have that much to do; imagine how Coulton feels!)—just in time to go winging off to Minnesota and our very first SF convention, MarsCon. In the meantime, we are all over the multiples of media […]

Big Show!

It’s been sold out for nearly two months, but we’d still like folks to come out and create a menacing throng outside of the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, where we’ll be opening for/adding sound to Jonathan Coulton‘s set, which is being taped for posterity (whoever that is.) Lots more touring coming up […]

We’re Gonna Win!

Ever one to exploit the masses, our pal Jonathan Coulton is holding a t-shirt design contest. We think our designs are teh r0xx0rz, but you be the judge… Storm’s design Paul’s design

New Fan Video: Pillsbury Cookie Dough

Danny Franks recently posted this awesome video version of our rejected commercial jingle, "Pillsbury Cookie Dough", and he pretty much nails it. Good on you, Danny Franks, you magnificent shirtless bastard! You are officially chock full o’ win.

Novelty Thunderdome

Get this: we just found out that our song "A Better Version of You" is a finalist in the 2007 International Songwriting Competition in the "Comedy/Novelty" category. (Okay, actually, we’ve know for a couple weeks; they’ve only just now announced the finalists to the general public, and now we can talk about it.) Next, the […]

Website Tinkering

As you may have noticed by this point, we’ve fiddled with the look and feel of the site a bit—a new top banner here, a new left-hand sidebar there. Hope you all like it. We’ll be slowly making other changes in the coming weeks/months. Let us know if you spot any problems, though; after all, […]