Monthly Archives: January 2008

Thank You NoCal and OR

We’d like to thank everyone who came out to our shows in Redding, Medford and Chico. No, no–YOU guys rock. Trip highlights: – Paul successfully negotiating snowy mountain passes in a Kia minivan. – Carnitas at Zocalo in Sacramento. – Storm managing to make it through two sold-out shows on Friday night despite a voice […]

Oh, Right; We Perform Music, Too…

What with all the talk of cell phones, left arms, Bin Laden and such, we almost forgot that we have some shows coming up this week. Hello, Pacific Northwest… ————————- Thursday, January 24 – Monroe’s 1885 Hilltop Dr., Redding, CA Two shows:  7 and 8:30 p.m. ————————- Friday, January 25 – Chadwick’s Rogue Regency Inn, […]

Storm Bin Laden

It’s come as something as a surprise to us all, but it seems that Storm has been leading a double life as Saudi royalty, a son of a terrorist, and a warrior for peace. We swear this is not just a pic of Storm dressed up for Halloween in his Rastafarian Fonzie costume. It is in fact Omar […]

New New Comix

Yes, the saga continues. Yes, strip #3 will always be remembered as Paul’s first appearance. And no, Storm cannot draw anything the same way twice, most especially his own face. But here it is all the same. Complete archives here.    

Not to be Outdone by Storm’s Left Arm, Paul’s Lower Back Jumps Into the Fray

In what appears to be evolving into an ailment-off between Storm and myself, I’ve been hobbled by what turns out to be a lumbar strain. I’m currently feeling much better, thanks; and it should be gone in 3-5 days with rest, cold & heat treatment, incessant bitching and moaning and demands for more crackers and […]

Paul’s Phone Solution: None of the Above

Thanks to everyone who wrote in with advice regarding which PDA phone Paul should buy. Your opinions, while varied, were for the most part well-reasoned, informative, and helpful. And of course, he’s decided to ignore all of them. Having decided that it just wasn’t worth the cost for constant Internet access (as alluring as the […]

New Comix

The overblown saga of Storm’s Left Arm continues. Features more Shmoo-like renderings along with anatomical unlikelihoods and inaccuracies. Old Comix will be archived here.