Monthly Archives: December 2007

One More Xmas “Gift”

Okay, maybe not a "gift," per se; maybe it’s more of a "bonus feature," like those "making-of" featurettes they put on DVDs, finally revealing the important decision-making process that went into the hair and makeup for Daddy Day Care. While digging through some old files, Paul found this list in a file called "song ideas" dated Jan. […]

Merry Fart Fart

We’ve posted video of this guy before, but we can’t think of a better holiday present to all our friends out there than the following A guy who performs the Star Wars "Cantina Band" song by making fart sounds with his hands, while making oddly bemused faces. His version of "Bohemian Rhapsody" is positively sublime. […]

Special Edition Comix!

I don’t mean to distract everyone from helping Paul decide which portable computing device he’s going to buy, but I’m not quite done harping on about my recently demi-maimed limb. And so…      

Recommend a Blackberry for Paul

So since Storm has been using our website to vent about his poor widdle arm (muscle tear, schmuscle tear; suck it up, Buckwheat!), I figured it’s my turn to use the Netterwebs to my own advantage. So here’s my situation: my cell phone is about to give up the ghost, and it’s time to upgrade. […]

Bionics Can Wait

I downloaded the forms and filled them out beforehand. I arrived on time. I was poked and prodded. I asked questions. I got answers: 1. "You have a partially torn tendon." 2. "It does not require surgery, nor is it recommended." 3. "It will be right as rain in 6-8 weeks. Use it as normally […]

Update: Home Remedy

No answers yet for the arm. Doc said it’s likely a torn tendon or muscle. I’m rooting for the torn muscle. I’ve read that’s how muscle is normally formed. Okay, maybe not by popping large masses of them in half, but still it seems like more of a "rehab" scenario than a "scalpel" situation (sadly, […]

The End of the Boxing Career?

Storm here with a hypothetical question for all of you: Let’s say you injured your arm on Thanksgiving doing something stupid like, I dunno, lifting a piano up with one arm (never you mind why.) And let’s say that that arm was your weaker (left) arm, which is also the arm attached to the hand […]


Thanks to everyone who came out last week for our spin through the upper-Midwest with Tim Cavanagh and Jonathan Coulton. You made it worth all the driving and crappy weather. A few random thoughts from the trip: Tim Cavanagh is, without question, the Nicest Man in Comedy. Wisconsin Rapids smells kinda like a brown paper […]

Neil Gaiman Willing To Be Seen With Us In Public

Comics/fantasy writer Neil Gaiman came to our show in Minneapolis on Thursday. (Technically, he came to Jonathan’s show, and we just happened to be there as well) He was friendly, gracious, and as cool as you could want him to be. Plus, he said nice things about us on his blog afterwards. (If he hadn’t, […]

Bridesmaids Again, But At Least Now We Have a Nice Fuschia Dress

We recently found out we were finalists in the 2007 USA Songwriting Competition in the "Comedy/Novelty" category for our song "A Better Version of You". (The Da Vinci’s Notebook song "Liposuction" won the category in 2004). Unfortunately, we didn’t win the category; songwriter Eric Colville won for his song "Doer’s Lament". Congratulations to him. I […]