Monthly Archives: September 2011

Show #118: He-e-y! The Fonz

Happy “Talk Like a Pirate Day”, Mateys!

It may not be an official national holiday yet; but it’s one of our favorites, for obvious reasons. In honor of the one day each year when geeks of every stripe lift their voices together and assault their families, co-workers, barristas, and other landlubbers with a hail of “arrrrr”s, we’re once again offering our pirate […]

More Songs on Rock Band!

As we have mentioned on the Twitterz, we have not one but TWO more songs on the Rock Band Network now, and they’re both about men. Now you can sing and play along on “Nugget Man” and “Fuzzy Man (Fuzzy Nation)” on Rock Band for the Xbox 360. Neato! As soon as you are fully […]

Show #117: That’s One…

The hundy-teen7th episode of our podcast, Paul and Storm Talk About Some Stuff for Five to Ten Minutes (On Average), is now online. This week’s episode: a special episode, recorded LIVE at Dragon*Con 2011, with special guest Jonathan Coulton. We discuss Jonathan’s new album and songwriting process at length; the absence of monkeys; puzzles vs. […]