Monthly Archives: August 2007

Store Upgrade – Now with CafePress

Lotsa posts today, huh? A quick note to everyone that we’ve upgraded and streamlined our store a good bit; it’s easier to get around, and looks cleaner. But most importantly, we’ve added a link to our new ‘n’ improved CafePress store. You now can order a whole bunch of different shirts (and other things) in […]

Slowly Puh-owning DC Media

Some nice coverage this past week in anticipation of our show at the Birchmere tomorrow: A nice write-up in the Alexandria Times canadian pharmacy viagra . (Although we were gutshot by seeing ourselves described in print as "middle-aged;" I mean, we are, but it still kinda hurts to see it like that) Coulton got some […]

Gumbo Pants — CD Now Available!

Our third CD, Gumbo Pants, is here. Download it. Buy it. Wear it.

Farewell, Other Nugget Man

We had been unaware until Dave Barry’s blog brought it to our attention, that Richard "Dick" Johnson passed away on Tuesday, August 28, at the age of 85. Mr. Johnson held several patents on food processing machines, including the first machine to make chicken nuggets. This marks the second great loss to the world of […]

New York City?!?!

So after our last e-mail featuring upcoming gigs, quite a number of you wrote us in tones ranging from surprised to indignant to surprised indignation that we do not currently have a date scheduled for New York City. What do we have against NYC, you collectively ask? Aren’t our yummy pizza and bagels enough to […]

Gumbo Pants Arrives

At long last, it’s finally here! …sort of. The new CD, Gumbo Pants, is in our hands just in time for our big CD release party at the Birchmere in Alexandria, VA, on August 31. CDs purchased now will start shipping next week (week of Sept. 3), or download right away from our Songs page. […]

P&S on Marconi’s Fantabulous Wireless Mechani-maton

A nice feature on lil’ ol’ us was run today on WAMU‘s Metro Connection in anticipation of next week’s show at the Birchmere. An audio archive of the interview can be found here (Real Audio or Windows Media). Features our new favorite description of our act: "Mature immaturity." Metro Connection’s host, David Furst, is the […]

The Deballers

Our latest "News to Us" song for the Bob & Tom Show is inspired by this story of a St. Paul, MN man who suffered from chronic "nether region" pain; after doctors refused to remove his testicles, he hired "other professionals" to do it for him, in the comfort of his own home. We have […]

Road Trip Video

People often ask what it’s like traveling across the country as part of a hip rock rock band. We can’t really answer that, but we can show you what The Road is like for us. For one day of a recent road trip (along with Jonathan Coulton), we broke out the digital camera and took […]

Thanks Musikfest and look out Michigan/Wisconsin

Big thanks to everyone who came to see us at Musikfest in Bethlehem, PA, to the new friends we met, and to all of the volunteers who make Musikfest the fun and classy event that it is. A nice write-up of our appearance by Michael Duck of the Bethlehem Daily Star can be found here. […]