Monthly Archives: April 2007

Arlington, VA

Courthouse Plaza 2100 Clarendon Blvd., Arlington, VA 6:30 p.m. All-ages show!  Part of the Arlington County Arts Al Fresco Series

Bethlehem, PA

phonics games for kids

Madison, WI

Café Montmartre 127 E. Mifflin Street, Madison, WI With Jonathan Coulton

Fairfax, VA

Braddock Nights Concert Series Royal Lake Park 5344 Gainsborough Drive, Fairfax, VA All ages show!

Like Us, Only More Awesome

Our friend Len at Jawbone Radio (who did the cover art for News to Us) has a lot of kids. It would seem that those kids have inherited their fat generic cialis her’s talent for illustration—four of them have drawn us as LEGO figures. This is awesome in ways we can’t adequately describe, so we’ll […]

Monster Video

Lickety-split and just like that, our creation has been given life.  Set to the music of our own "Six Guys, Ten Teeth", check out Len’s skills of artist in action: Special thanks to Javier for noticing that our monster was out of the oven and cooling. (If you don’t know what this is about, read […]

Necco Wafers Commercial

Now there’s video to go along with our audio. We’re totally gonna get sued… Thanks guys!

A Multimedia Weekend

Our shows this past weekend resulted in a veritable plethora of auditory and visual detreitus goodies, some of which we thought we’d share. Now With 100% More Us

There once was a time when we were young and hip and smart, bewildering our elders with our "video games" and our "Usenet newsgroups" and our "electronnic mails." Now we seem to have become the bewildered; every 8 minutes or so, the young people come up with some incredible new technology, adopt it, refine it, […]

Monster By Mail

Len Peralta, the artist who did the cover art for News to Us, has started a cool new project, Monster by Mail. Send him a descriptive word and $20, and he’ll send you an original hand-drawn sketch of a monster based on that word. Plus, you can see a fast-motion video of your monster being […]