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New York Comic Con 2017

Here’s a full rundown of the stuff we’re doing this weekend in NYC. (To be fair, doesn’t include things like “sleeping,” “showering,” “visiting Papaya Dog for the sixth time,” etc. But you get the idea.) Thursday Oct 5 NYCC Geek Rock Block 3-3:15 PM, NYCC Live Stage, booth #174 Check out live interviews with some […]

Mystery Science Theater 3000

It’s FINALLY out, and we can talk in more detail about it (go away, you pesky NDA!)… We were staff writers and contributed a number of songs to the brand new season of Mystery Science Theater 3000! The entire season is available now on Netflix. This was a total blast to be a part of, […]

Dragon Con 2016 Schedule

We’re headed back to Atlanta for Dragon Con again. Wheee! Here’s where you can find us, if you are so inclined: Fri., 10 pm: Gonzo Quiz Show – Hyatt, Regency VI-VII Teams of celebrity guests are led through a series of panel show games that are truly gonzo. (Paul only in this event) Sat., 8 […]

Upcoming Round of Shows

We know we haven’t been performing live nearly as much as we used to these days. But we actually have an increasingly busy schedule this summer, so much so that it’s worth putting together a post listing them. To wit… Shows with Jonathan Coulton Just like the old days, we’re hopping in a rental minivan and doing some […]

Westerosi Pie

What? A new song? And video? Well, mostly… We debuted “Westerosi Pie” at w00tstock 7.0 in 2015, and have performed it a few times live since then. But in honor of the Game of Thrones Season 6 premiere on HBO today, please enjoy this brand new recording of our re-lyric’d version of Don McLean’s “American Pie”, dedicated […]

Show Us Your Skills of Artist!

UPDATE: We couple use a few last-minute submissions of general GoT-themed mayhem. Submissions accepted through Friday evening, April 22nd. Thanks! We’re gearing up to release a new song—one inspired by Game of Thrones and George R. R. Martin—and want YOUR HELP to make the video, because we’re cheap and lazy, and don’t want to do […]

Nerds and Music Shows This Fall

We are once again doing a series of shows, called “Nerds and Music”, with our good friends author Pat Rothfuss and MST3k founder Joel Hodgson. Where, do you ask? Here: Tues., Sept. 29 – World Cafe Live, Philadelphia, PA – NOTE: this show is FREE to attend; RSVP at the link above. RSVP soes not guarantee […]

Where Are Paul and Storm During Dragon Con and Bumbershoot?

We have a hecka-busy weekend coming up, spending two days at Dragon Con in Atlanta, then hopping a cross-country flight to spend two days at Bumbershoot in Seattle. Both events involve a lot of shows and appearances, so we figured it would be helpful (to us, if nobody else) to list them all in one place. […]

Where Are Paul and Storm at SDCC 2015?

Your one-stop shopping place for our complete schedule at San Diego Comic Con this year: Thurs. July 9 7 pm: w00tstock 7.0 – Balboa Theatre with Adam Savage, Wil Wheaton, Alton Brown, Pat Rothfuss, Phil Plait, Rhea Butcher & Uke Box Heroes. Special guests: Aisha Tyler, Molly Quinn, and WHO KNOWS ELSE? Fri. July 10 […]

The Paul and Storm Nondenominational Perennial Holiday Special! (Part One)

It’s here—the new animated special you’ve been waiting for! Years from now, as you snuggle up on the couch with whomever is important to you at that point, hot cocoa and future-snacks in hand, you’ll forget that there was ever a first time that you watched it. That’s how ingrained it will have become in the […]