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Way-Too-Early Credits

  Readable version of the scrolling credits from the "The Way-Too-Early Christmas Song" video. Photos in order of appearance. All are Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike Licensed except for those marked with an asterisk, which are CC Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs Licensed. In most cases the actual name of the photo is different from the titles below, to make it […]

Thank You Birchmere, Hello Peoria and Documentary Song

Big thanks to everyone who was at the Birchmere show with us and Jonathan Coulton, old friends and new. Some of the highlights for us: – Panties!!!! Some of the most inventive and sexy undergarments hurled at us to date. – The level of participatory enthusiasm, including lusty singing-along, great pirate-y fervor, and the occasional […]

Bionics Can Wait

I downloaded the forms and filled them out beforehand. I arrived on time. I was poked and prodded. I asked questions. I got answers: 1. "You have a partially torn tendon." 2. "It does not require surgery, nor is it recommended." 3. "It will be right as rain in 6-8 weeks. Use it as normally […]

The End of the Boxing Career?

Storm here with a hypothetical question for all of you: Let’s say you injured your arm on Thanksgiving doing something stupid like, I dunno, lifting a piano up with one arm (never you mind why.) And let’s say that that arm was your weaker (left) arm, which is also the arm attached to the hand […]