Thank You NoCal and OR

We’d like to thank everyone who came out to our shows in Redding, Medford and Chico. No, no–YOU guys rock.

Trip highlights:

– Paul successfully negotiating snowy mountain passes in a Kia minivan.
– Carnitas at Zocalo in Sacramento.
– Storm managing to make it through two sold-out shows on Friday night despite a voice that made him sound like Bonnie Tyler.
– Yummy steaks at Medford’s Regency Grill.
– Talking with several stalwarts from the Coulton Nation who traveled a great distance for the shows.
– The super-rowdy crowd Saturday night in Chico.
– Watching Cloverfield (two thumbs up, btw) without hurling.

Big thanks also for all of the great support we had from Redding Rock 106X, KBOY, and KFM Radio Chico,  who made us feel like the rock stars that we occasionally imagine ourselves to be (which is somewhere between Mick Jagger and Dennis DeYoung), and to Dick Stein (the promoter, and all-around mensch) for making the trip possible.




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