New York City?!?!

So after our last e-mail featuring upcoming gigs, quite a number of you wrote us in tones ranging from surprised to indignant to surprised indignation that we do not currently have a date scheduled for New York City.

What do we have against NYC, you collectively ask? Aren’t our yummy pizza and bagels enough to entice you, you say with a sneer? Or is our plethora of presidential candidates a huge, intimidating turn-off, you toss over your shoulder as you nonchalantly look out your window through a silvery mist at the Empire State Building, which is cleverly lit up in some color scheme or other to signify who knows what?

We’re actually quite fond of your little town; the trouble is finding a good gig. What can you do, you ask? You say you’re just one tiny person in a huge sea of American Idol runners-up concert-going, Disney musical-seeing, Yankee game-attending slobs, and that you can’t possibly change anything??

Nonsense, my friend. You are a warrior! A dynamo! A monolithic powerhouse!

With just a few clicks of a mouse, you can rearrange the hands of fate–from right here on our website! On the right sidebar you’ll see a blue box that says "WANTED" at the top…click where it says "Paul and Storm" and YOU can change the future by Demanding us at

Really. This thing actually works. When we can show venues that we have lots of Demands, they listen. And they book. It’s all about putting butts in the seats, baby (or at least demonstrating that we have many interested, potential butts.)

And it’s not just in NYC–it’s ANYWHERE (we’re looking at YOU, Atlanta…Cincinnati….Ann Arbor and Detroit…) We already use it as a tool to decide where we’re going to go, and have had some successful gigs because of it. And even if we’re already coming to Your Town, it still helps us to know where folks dig us the most (you don’t want Atlanta, Cincinnati, Ann Arbor and Detroit hogging us for themselves, do you??)

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