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Stuff submitted by fans

New Video for “Cruel, Cruel Moon”

Our friend Spiff has done it again; and by “it,” we mean “put together another awesome World of Warcraft animated video for one of our songs.” This time around, he’s worked his machinimagic (we just made that word up; you like it?) on “Cruel, Cruel Moon“. You can find all of Spiff’s videos (including the […]

We’re In a Pixar Movie!

That is, if by “Pixar” we mean “computer animation not actually done by Pixar,” and by “movie” we mean “43-second short film.” But we couldn’t be more excited if it were a Pixar film; animator Bonnie Rose—some among you may be familiar with her work, as she won the original Colbert Report Green Screen Challenge—has […]

Cool Stuff Abounds

A couple neat things we keep meaning to post, but haven’t quite gotten to lately: Merlin Mann—he of the 43 Folders and the You look Nice Today and the Twitters and whatnot—has taken our meta-textual tribute to Randy Newman, The 25 Days of Newman, and gone one meta-step further by recording a tribute to our […]

Einstein vs. Monkeys

Our tireless chum Len has lent his skills of an artist once again to an endeavor of ours—this time, it’s to the subject of our poll asking who would win in a fight: Albert Einstein with a flamethrower, or the flying monkeys from The Wizard of Oz. Not one, but two pictures, for a total […]

“Epithets” Art

 Mad props to long-time Friend of the Band Josh Pincus for his "Schoolhouse Rock"-style artwork to go along with our "Schoolhouse Rock"-style song "Epithets". If this art makes no sense to you, listen to (and even purchase, hint-hint) "Epithets" here.

Len’s Visual “Rufus”

In his usual faster-than-a-speeding-bullet style, Len has drawn his visual interpretation of our latest song, “The Ballad of Rufus Amos Adams“. He’s done the same for the RiffTones song of the same name. Len is a scary, scary man.

If Dave Taught Guitar – “Live”

Super Dave—guitar player, video instructor of Jonathan Coulton songs, and all-around guy-with-too-much-free-time—has recorded another video guitar lesson, this time of our song "Live". Because the song is so phenomenally awesome, it cannot be contained in a single video, so he’s split the lesson into two parts (Part 1 and Part 2). Thanks, Dave—both for liking […]

Another Spiff Video – “The Captain’s Wife’s Lament”

Spiff, the guy who makes World of Warcraft music videos for so many Jonathan Coulton songs, has pointed his magical computer screen in our direction again. In honor of International Talk Like a Pirate Day,Spiff has made this awesome video for "The Captain’s Wife’s Lament". Visual Interpretation Arrr!  

Me Make Fire – Now It’s Art

Our friend Len, who apparently has nothing better to do with his Saturdays, has already completed his visual interpretation of our song "Me Make Fire". It America new dance craze! The "Ook Ook pile of ashes" is exactly how we pictured it. Thanks yet again, Len!

Spiff WoW Video – “Live”

Our ongoing campaign to be Jonathan Coulton continues apace… Spiff has made numerous music videos for Jonathan’s songs, using images from World of Warcraft. (Find all his videos here) Well, now he’s done a WoW video for our song "Live". (Which is appropriate, seeing as the song was meant to sound as if Coulton had […]