A Multimedia Weekend

Our shows this past weekend resulted in a veritable plethora of auditory and visual detreitus goodies, some of which we thought we’d share.

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/8x10drawing.jpg”>Look...it's Art!First off was the Baltimore show on Thursday. A smallish but enthusiastic crowd showed up at the 8×10 Club, three members of whom spent most of the show scribbling furiously in the dark. Before we knew who they were, Coulton picked on them for doing homework—which, in a way, they were, as it turns out they were art students, compelled to draw no matter where they were. (Must make scuba diving interesting) One of the students, Ariyana, sent us this completed version of one of her works that evening (see right; click for larger version). It’s portraiteriffic!

In addition, a photographer friend of our booking agent was there, and he took some pretty frickin’ great pictures. Several of them are arrayed below (click for larger versions). As soon as he has his full set of photos from the show put together (cropped, edited, and, since we’re in them, airbrushed to within an inch of their lives), we’ll post a link to them. In the meantime, his many other awesome concert photos can be found here. Thanks, Sam!

 Paul can't count  Storm sees something amusing  Three; that's a magic number... This is how one should rock: extremely hard

Not to be outdone, our show the following night in New York City saw Baltimore’s photos and illustrations, and raised it one two-camera DV shoot, courtesy of Scott Lightfoot. A couple clips are currently available on the YouTubes (Randy Newman theme songs, and a full-on, ukulelefied "Creepy Doll" with Coulton), and more should be available here as he gets them edited and uploaded. Super-awesome. What’s next, kinescopes? Daguerreotypes? Daguerreoscopes?

While our final show of the weekend—an April Fools’ Day afternoon show in Utica, NY—yielded no audio or video record, we did have an excellent time; plus, they earned bonus points for carefully reading our backstage rider and coming up with the root beer, black cherry soda and Toblerone chocolate in the green room that we always request (but so seldom get).

Back on the "Friends of Bob & Tom" circuit this coming weekend, in Charlotte, NC and Davenport, IA; then a week recording more songs for our next CD, Gumbo Pants (isn’t that thing finished yet?); and then more "Friends of" in Columbus and Canton. Busy, busy busy…

Finally, here are some dudes with Chapman sticks.

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