Now With 100% More Us

There once was a time when we were young and hip and smart, bewildering our elders with our "video games" and our "Usenet newsgroups" and our "electronnic mails." Now we seem to have become the bewildered; every 8 minutes or so, the young people come up with some incredible new technology, adopt it, refine it, make it ridiculously popular, and just as quickly discard it for the next new thing, and all the while we just stand there scratching our heads and yelling at them to get off our lawn.

In that spirit, our fan C4bl3Fl4m3 (either that’s some sort of code, or her cat jumped on the keyboard) has set up a group for us on here it is.

Actually, is a pretty cool idea: you install some (open source, spyware-free) software on your computer, it tracks the music you play on your media player and/or iPod, and then "scrabbles" it (we’re pretty sure that’s not a real word) to your profile, and recommends other music you might enjoy, which you can then totally listen to. The more you use it, the better it gets, and the more people use it, the greater the selection. R0x0r. RLY.

At some point real soon, we’ll get the rest of our music uploaded there, too. (unless one of our tech-savvy fans/meddling kids out there would care to do it for us? Anyone?)

Finally, although it is cliche to say so, here’s solid proof of how much Nickelback sucks.

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