More Or Less Paul and Storm

Sure, we’d love it if you just went ahead and bought our entire catalogue (for an incredibly reasonable price). But these will get you started (click the icon to the left of each title to listen):

Write Like the Wind – our ode/plea to George R. R. Martin
Opening Band – the pain of life on the road; it’s our “Turn the Page”, but happier
Nun Fight  – inspired by the true story of a convent in Italy that had to close after a fist-fight broke out between its two remaining nuns
Frogger! The Frogger Musical – Frogger. In musical form. There you have it!
Thanksgiving – our ode/plea to George Lucas
Nugget Man – a touching tribute to Dr. Robert C. Baker, inventor of the chicken nugget
Mother’s Day Song – Mom will love it!
I Will Sing a Lullabye – that special lady in your life will love it!
A Better Version of You – if you’re a second child, you’ll love it!
The Captain’s Wife’s Lament (Live) – a glimpse of a live Paul and Storm show; you’ll love it!

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