The Captain’s Wife’s Lament

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The ship sailed into harbor
After fifteen months at sea
The captain hit the tavern
With his crew of fifty-three

After drinking up their pay
They staggered through the town
But all the inns and public houses
Turned the sailors down

The captain said “Fear not, me lads
You all can come with me
I live just ‘round the corner
And you all can stay for free”

But when the captain’s wife awoke
Upon the break of day
They say that you could hear her wailin’
Clear to Bot’ny Bay…

She said there’s
Seamen all around the bed
And seamen on the floor
Seamen in the bathroom
And behind the closet door

There’s seamen in the fireplace
And seamen in the hall
The living room is carpeted
With seamen, wall to wall

There’s seamen in the entryway
And seamen on the stair
And worst of all, there’s even seamen
In me underwear

There’s some behind the larder
And beneath the table, too
I do believe your seamen
Got into me Irish stew

There’s seamen here in front of me
And seamen in the rear
My God—there’s even seamen
Hanging from the chandelier

There’s seamen on the windowsill
And seamen in the yard
The seamen even left a stain
Upon the Saint Bernard

Although I am a patient wife
‘Tis more than I can bear
To wake up in the morning
With your seamen in my hair

I ne’er again do wish to see thee
Darken up my door
So clean up all your seamen and
Come round my way no more
So clean up all your seamen and
Come round my way no more!