Frogger! The Frogger Musical

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Now, why the chicken might have done it, I just couldn’t say
But if I’m gonna make it home, this is the only way
Five lanes of traffic, an embankment, then a stream
It’s like it’s some kind of amphibianic fever dream

The total lack of law enforcement on this road’s a crime
I’d write a letter, but I simply haven’t got the time
Give me a call tomorrow (if I haven’t died)
And I can tell you how I made it to the other side
(Up, left, up-right, right, right, down-left-up-up)
If I make it to the other side
I hope I make it to the other side
I gotta make it to the other side


Excuse me, Miss
I couldn’t help but notice
That you seem to be out here all alone

And it seems to me
In a world so cold and lonely
No one should have to do this on their own

We’re already past the highway
So if you are going my way
There’s room inside
If you want a ride
I’ll take you to the place we’re heading toward

Hop on board
Let’s share this road together
Hop on board
We’ll bear this load forever

If you’re with me
There’ll never be
A river we can’t ford
They’ll never stop us, baby
Hop on board


Now that you have got my back
I see a new plan of attack
And suddenly the path is clear
The way to get to there from here

From the turtle to croc to stump
Getting closer with every jump
We reach the end somehow
Then I look in your eyes
And now I’m home…
(Purple Princess, welcome home again, my dear)