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Stuff submitted by fans

Len Reiterates: It’s ON!

Thanks to world’s fastest pen Len Peralta for the following illustration, in honor of the new "head-to-head" Masters Challenge round of Song Fu between Coulton and us. We don’t say it often enough, Len, but you’re the bestest-best. (That’s us on the left)

Paul and Storm…and Robert

Please welcome the newest member of Paul and Storm, Robert Hsu. (Son of our former DVN bandmate Richard) He’s a big hit with the ladies, he already knows the lyrics to one of our songs, and he’s easy to get along with. (as long as we remember to cut the crusts off his bologna sandwiches) […]

Now You Can Be Us (Or At Least an Us Cover Band)

Super Dave (a.k.a. "Dave") has been recently posting videos on the YouTubes of guitar lessons for various Jonathan Coulton songs. He has now given us the same treatment, posting a quick lesson on how to play our song "A Better Version of You". This makes him that much more super in our eyes. Thanks, Dave! […]

New Fan Video: Pillsbury Cookie Dough

Danny Franks recently posted this awesome video version of our rejected commercial jingle, "Pillsbury Cookie Dough", and he pretty much nails it. Good on you, Danny Franks, you magnificent shirtless bastard! You are officially chock full o’ win.

A Hunnert Demands!

Thanks, everyone; this weekend, we just passed 100 demands on our Eventful account. And what is Eventful?  Well, see that blue box over there on the right? That links to a page where you can "demand" that we appear in your town/city/locality/prefecture. It’s a great way for us to judge where we should tour; the […]


It is no secret that our latest obsession has been throwing snack cakes at the audience for whatever reasons we feel like. (Usually for particularly funny or insightful comments, or for throwing panties during "Opening Band"). At our Northampton show last week, Storm made a joke that everyone had to step up their game if […]

Aliens in America

Our friend Len, of Jawbone Radio Show podcast fame, has been working hard the past few months on his Monster by Mail project. (Wherein people send him the name of a monster and, for a fee, he draws it. Simple, elegant, awesome) Lo and behold, someone recently ordered an alien called "Paul and Storm and […]

We Are Technology

So Julie Coulter made a bunch of Nintendo Wii Miis. Among others, there’s Fabio, Sarah Vowell, the cast of Mythbusters, her husband Dan, and herself. Oh, and a Paul. And a Storm. Julie rules.

Would You Say We Have a Plethora of Panties?

Slightly belatedly, thanks to everyone who came to our shows with Coulton last week—we all truly felt like superhero rock stars. Not to single out one show above others—all our children are our favorites—but we’d especially like to thank the crowd from our show at Schubas Tavern in Chicago, which singlehandedly nearly doubled the size […]


Avid Lebon has created a spot-on flash video for our Rejected Commercial Jingle "Twister". There’s a lot of other tasty morsels on that will suit your sick, sick brain. Thanks, Avid!