Would You Say We Have a Plethora of Panties?

Slightly belatedly, thanks to everyone who came to our shows with Coulton last week—we all truly felt like superhero rock stars.

Not to single out one show above others—all our children are our favorites—but we’d especially like to thank the crowd from our show at Schubas Tavern in Chicago, which singlehandedly nearly doubled the size of the Gallery of Thrown Panties with a veritable deluge of undergarments. A plethora, even. Like I said, superhero rock stars.

Some pix from the Schubas extravaganza can be found here (thanks, Liza!) and here (courtesy of Dan, who celebrated his birthday with a trip to our show, and a stop to visit the hot dog Muffler Man in Atlanta, IL. Way to live on the edge, Dan!).

Coming up after the holiday weekend, two shows in NY that we’re really looking forward to: Friday at the Auburn Public Theater in Auburn, NY; and Saturday at the Edwards Opera House in St. Lawrence County, NY. Hey, Canadian PaulandStormtroopers: this is as close as we’re getting to you for a while, so please represent. We’re lookin’ at you, Ottawa!


  1. Posted May 25, 2007 at 8:08 pm | Permalink

    No no no no, THANK YOU, Paul and Storm. It really was a top notch show and I am glad to have helped capture the magic in some tiny way.

    Of course, “Plethora of Panties” is the name of your vanity project due sometime in the near future, right?


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