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The Sound of Young AmericaJesse Thorn runs a great public radio show, The Sound of Young America, which is about, in their words, "things that are awesome." (Mostly interviews with arts and culture folks, and especially people in the humor and comedy world, such as George Saunders, John Hodgman, Patton Oswalt, and so forth. You can – and should – subscribe to the podcast version on iTunes, or download any and all episodes from their archive)

They’ve just published an interview with us on their blog; I suppose this means that, since we’re on their blog instead of the radio show, our thoughts are awesome, but our voices are not. Anyway, we had a good time doing it, since they did revolutionary things like ask interesting questions. Special thanks to Jesse’s lackey pal Aaron Matthews, who actually conducted the interview.

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    Ah, it’s true. I am a lackey!

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