If You Can’t Come See *Us* Perform…

Some of you may remember that we used to be in an a cappella group called Da Vinci’s Notebook. And that said a cappella group had a member named Bernie Muller-Thym. And that said Bernie Muller-Thym is a crazy, nutzoid, sick-talented musician.

Well, said crazy, nutzoid, sick-talented musician is performing in a band next weekend in northern VA. The band is called Larry Mediate and the Zen Consultants (awesome band name, guys!), and if you’re within 279 miles or so of the gig it would be worth the trip to go see them. Bonus: thai food!


Larry Mediate and the Zen Consultants
Friday, January 16 – 7 p.m.
Bangkok Blues
926 W. Broad St., Falls Church, VA

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