Let’s Play “Awesome/Not Awesome”

Pike's Big Pointy Rock-ThingySo it was, for the most part, an awesome weekend in the Midwest. As always, Bob & Tom fans are a welcoming, friendly bunch. Plus, it being St. Patrick’s Day, the Billings crowd was especially, um, affable. (See below) But there were some…catches. So let’s use our bulleted lists to draw up a little comparison, and see how it all breaks down:

Awesome Not Awesome
  • The Denver/Colorado Springs scenery
  • Having to get from Jacksonville (where we were earlier in the week for a corporate show) to Denver by way of Philadelphia (what the hell?)
  • Storm actually being at the shows (as opposed to being screwed by the weather and cerain US-themed airlines, and getting stuck halfway across the country, as happened last month)
  • Storm having some sort of nasty illness the entire weekend (best bets right now are either flu or strep throat; bird flu, SARS, and Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease have not yet been ruled out) causing him to be feverish, woozy, and generally miserable the entire time
  • The crappiness of Billing, MT pizza—at least the stuff we had before the show. Here’s a tip, Midwest pizza makers: lots of salt + pizza = shite pizza
  • The fine work for children and communities done by Shriners everywhere, such as those at the Al Bedoo Shrine (where we performed in Billings)
  • Several boobies proffered for signature after the Billings show
  • Boobies proffered were, without exception, extremely drunken. Plus, being married, easily-guilt-ridden types, we politely declined, offering instead to sign clothing and ticket stubs, which is far more gentlemanly but far less rock ‘n’ roll

So the aforementioned Not-Awesomeness notwithstanding, a fun time was had by all.

Speaking of a fun time (dear Lord, what a rotten segue), who all’s coming to this week’s shows with Jonathan Coulton in Philly and Annapolis? Also, a clarification: while the Annapolis show is listed as "All Ages", this is more of a restriction issue (the Ramshead is usually 21+) than a content issue. If you’re unsure, preview our stuff and JoCo’s before bringing your litt’l’uns.

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  1. Posted March 19, 2007 at 2:16 pm | Permalink

    What is it with people and getting sick this past week? My mom and sister told me that everyone was sick there, and everyone was sick here (Israel), too! At the same time!

    Actually, my roommate’s girlfriend got something really nasty (and she’s here constantly) AND she’s in nursing school at Tel Hashomer hospital AND Israeli hospitals have been stricken lately with this drug-resistant pneumonia thing that was killing a bunch of people, so I was really kind of freaked out…

    Ok, I guess that’s sort of TMI. Sorry – it’s late, and Gordon has now got me counting down days. 🙂

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