Upcoming Live Shows

Now that we’re ratcheting back up the live show juggernaut (do juggernauts require ratcheting?), here’s a friendly reminder of some of our upcoming crime scenes performances:

Thurs.-Fri., September 17-18 – Thurs. 8 pm, Fri. 9 pm
Soiled Dove Underground – Denver, CO
with Jonathan Coulton
Tickets: Thurs. – http://bit.ly/r3dm7
Fri. – http://bit.ly/6nkNU

Sat., September 19 – 8 pm
Off Broadway – St. Louis, MO
with Jonathan Coulton
Tickets: http://bit.ly/vFfhr

Thurs., September 24 – 7 pm
Iron Horse Music Hall – Northampton, MA
with Jonathan Coulton
Tickets: http://bit.ly/m6sLe

Fri., September 25 – 7 pm
Toad’s Place – New Haven, CT
with Jonathan Coulton
Tickets: http://bit.ly/dMqhX

Sat., September 26 – 9 pm
The Paradise – Boston, MA
with Jonathan Coulton
Tickets: http://bit.ly/4FptU3

Thurs. October 8 – 8 pm
The Ark – Ann Arbor, MI
with Jonathan Coulton
Tickets: http://bit.ly/e0wMl

Sat., October 10 – 8 pm
Park West – Chicago, IL
with Jonathan Coulton
Tickets: http://bit.ly/G6Dbz

Fri. October 16 – 8 pm
Nightcat – Easton, MD
Tickets: http://bit.ly/mFEWZ


  1. Rich Rosenthal
    Posted September 18, 2009 at 3:06 pm | Permalink

    The Chicago show is the same day that TMBG are playing here. As a geek there are only so many things I’d leave the house to see and y’all are overlapping?!
    I must go /cry

  2. Posted September 19, 2009 at 3:12 am | Permalink

    Until y’all come back to LA, I’m gonna tide myself over with the Boston show. I’m not stalking you guys. Really. I’m stalking Coulton. No, not really! In all seriousness, I wanted to visit Yale in the fall (per our conversation at PAX), and the show provided a convenient date to do so. (Unfortunately, the New Haven show was announced after I made my plans.) See you then! 🙂

  3. nesdude
    Posted September 21, 2009 at 12:20 am | Permalink

    Got my tickets for the Ann Arbor show (and picked up Opening Band for Rock Band 2), can’t wait to see you guys live! You guys and JoCo both! You guys go together like peanut butter and jelly! Peanut butter and banana! Peanut butter and… something else that goes good with peanut butter!

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