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Appearances in Several Different Media

So we’ve finally pretty much recovered from last weekend’s live concert DVD shoot with Jonathan Coulton (and we didn’t even have that much to do; imagine how Coulton feels!)—just in time to go winging off to Minnesota and our very first SF convention, MarsCon. In the meantime, we are all over the multiples of media […]

Storm Bin Laden

It’s come as something as a surprise to us all, but it seems that Storm has been leading a double life as Saudi royalty, a son of a terrorist, and a warrior for peace. We swear this is not just a pic of Storm dressed up for Halloween in his Rastafarian Fonzie costume. It is in fact Omar […]

A Nice Review

There’s a nice little review of Gumbo Pants at Check it out – they called us "adept"! How you like them apples?  

TSOYA Interview

Jesse Thorn runs a great public radio show, The Sound of Young America, which is about, in their words, "things that are awesome." (Mostly interviews with arts and culture folks, and especially people in the humor and comedy world, such as George Saunders, John Hodgman, Patton Oswalt, and so forth. You can – and should […]

Slowly Puh-owning DC Media

Some nice coverage this past week in anticipation of our show at the Birchmere tomorrow: A nice write-up in the Alexandria Times canadian pharmacy viagra . (Although we were gutshot by seeing ourselves described in print as "middle-aged;" I mean, we are, but it still kinda hurts to see it like that) Coulton got some […]

P&S on Marconi’s Fantabulous Wireless Mechani-maton

A nice feature on lil’ ol’ us was run today on WAMU‘s Metro Connection in anticipation of next week’s show at the Birchmere. An audio archive of the interview can be found here (Real Audio or Windows Media). Features our new favorite description of our act: "Mature immaturity." Metro Connection’s host, David Furst, is the […]