Monthly Archives: January 2009

New T-Shirt: We Need Your Help!

We have been thinking about a new t-shirt design for a while, based around the “punch line” of our song “Your Love Is“. The problem is, there’s various directions we can go with it, and we can’t decide which way we like best. So we need the help of our fans, friends and minions. (That’s […]

GEEK MADNESS: Lobot Region, Round 1

Voting is closed for Jor-El Region, Round 1—results are posted on the main Geek Madness page, along with the Bombadil and Do’Urden Region, Round 1 results. And now the last of the Round 1 brackets, Lobot Region is now open for voting, and will close on Sunday, Jan. 11th at 8 pm EST. Next up, […]

Happy Square Root Day!