ANOTHER New Video? Yes: “Right Here with You”

The culmination of our extensive “2 Videos 2 Days” campaign, please enjoy the second music video from our new album Ball Pit, “Right Here with You”.

Once again directed by Sean Becker and produced by Kim Evey, we gathered a bunch of our old friends to help us on this one: The Doubleclicks (Angela and Aubrey Webber), Todd Cooper, Matt Gourley, Jason Charles Miller, Tony Thaxton, and dancer Claudia Dolph. BOW DOWN BEFORE THE MAJESTY OF OUR COLLECTIVE HAIR!

And as always, huge thanks to our Kickstarter backers for literally making this possible.

New Video: “This Song”

The fruits of our Ball Pit Kickstarter are ripening and falling off the tree! Please enjoy “This Song”, the first of two new music videos we’re releasing this week. It’s more or less for everyone who’s ever asked us “Did you do that song for [commercial X]?”, or “Why doesn’t [company X,Y, and/or Z] use you for their ads, instead of hiring actors to portray a charming, talented, handsome, and humble musical duo?”*

Big thanks to Director Sean Becker and Producer Kim Evey for making this video look like a million dollars. And of course special thanks to our Kickstarter backers for providing the actual dollars, as well as everyone who gave up a Sunday afternoon to come play with us on video.


New album, BALL PIT, available NOW!


The digital version of our fifth full-length album, Ball Pit, is now available at fine music outlets everywhere (including here!) Buy it! Listen to it! Love it! And if you do, please REVIEW IT!

Buy it in the following places (among others): Right here on our siteBandcampiTunes,  Amazon, and Google Play

In addition to a slew of new original songs, the album includes several existing P&S songs that hadn’t been released on CD yet (most all of which received some degree of remixing and/or re-recording), as well as a number of theme songs and other music we’ve done in association with other projects (including The Thrilling Adventure Hour, author John Scalzi, The Guild and more). Plus, it includes a six-track sampling of songlets from SoundBard, our upcoming RPG soundboard app.

It also features cover art by xkcd creator Randall Munroe (and also art from Adam Koford), and musical guest appearances by the likes of Jonathan Coulton, The DoubleclicksMike Phirman, Dave Hill, Jim Boggia and many more.

Special thanks to our Kickstarter backers for helping us make it the most possible amount of awesome. (By way of thanks, our backers have already received the digital version of the album. Membership has its privileges!) The physical CD will be available Soon™, for those folks who are into that sort of thing.

Happy ‘MURICA, Everyone!

flag-fireworksOn our nation’s birthday, we remember the things that are really important. FREE SONGS ABOUT CRAP BLOWING UP.

Have a safe and happy 4th!


Ten-Finger Johnny

(click to download, right-click then “Save As…” or however you do it on your particular machine; you should know how to do this by now!)

“Holidays Song” (Plus an Older P&S Christmas Song)

We are pleased to announce our newest holidays-themed song, written for Cards Against Humanity‘s 12 Days of Holiday Bullshit project.

In keeping with the spirit of CAH’s project, and that of the game in general, we present: “Holidays Song” (Warning: VERY NSFW):

If you’re of a mind to, you can buy the song in our store or via Bandcamp.

Many thanks to Max Temkin and the folks at Cards Against Humanity; and also to video editor and all-around good guy Sean Becker.

If you are new to the Paul and Storm Music Experience™, you may also enjoy our tribute to the most neglected of not-quite-holidays, “Christmas Eve Eve” (from our 2009 It Might Be Xmas project)

Christmas Eve Eve


(clicking on the above link will take you to the song’s Bandcamp page, where you can purchase the song for any price you wish, including $0.00. Or you can just listen to the song there, or via the player below. OPTIONS!)


New Album and Kickstarter!

UPDATE: THANK YOU to the 2,216 people who backed our campaign, in which we raised $114,136 to create many awesome things. Thank you also to everyone who helped us get the word out–it literally would not have been this successful without your help. If you’re a backer, you’ll receive project Updates as we go along through Kickstarter. Otherwise, we’ll be sharing all the delicious fruits of the campaign (except the PaulandStormonomicon story and art anthology, which is only available to backers) once they’ve been completed, and after they’ve been distributed to backers.

After much planning, deliberation, budget analysis, and (mostly) dreaming, we are finally proud to officially announce that we are finishing up our fifth album, Ball Pit, and that we’ll be making it available first to backers of our new Kickstarter campaign, which will help fund music videos, more RPG songlets (and possibly an RPG soundboard app), and a bonus album of cover song collaborations (which will be called Extra Balls, get it?) with some of our musician friends.

Full details are on the Ball Pit launch Kickstarter page, where you can help contribute RIGHT NOW! Or LATER! (Any time between now at December 14th will do just fine, thank you very much.) But the basic idea is to help us make as big a splash as possible with the new album, and give away some fun rewards in the process (including, of course, the BALL PIT and EXTRA BALLS albums). Our initial goal is $25,000, and we’ve got mayhem planned all the way up to $350,000. Basically, the more we raise, the more interesting and awesome things we can do and make for you. And while we don’t expect to raise $350,000, if we do then we’ll buy an ice cream truck and tour the country in it, giving away ice cream and guacamole along the way. (And we’ll film the whole ridiculous trek.)

But don’t just take it from us. Take it from us in this video:

Nov. 4th Largo Show CANCELLED

Due to an unexpected scheduling issues, we must unfortunately cancel our 11/4 show at Largo at the Coronet in Los Angeles. Largo will be issuing refunds to all ticket purchasers, and we’ll let everyone know when it eventually gets rescheduled.


Pile o’ Shows Comin’ Up, Both Solo and with Friends

tourbusJust a friendly reminder to the faithful and the stalwart (you know which of you is which): we have a run of live shows coming in the next several weeks—some solo shows as well as some awesome double-bills. Specifically:

Leg I: Wil Wheaton vs. Paul and Storm
The Northeastern US run of this double-bill was a rousing success; now, it’s Texas’ turn:

Leg II: Paul and Storm All by Their Lonesomes
A few solo shows (to the extent a duo can perform “solo”):

Leg III: An Evening with Pat Rothfuss and Paul & Storm
We are joined on the final leg of our tour by bestselling fantasy author and professional beard-haver Patrick Rothfuss. Perhaps he will tell us the name of the wind!

International “The Captain’s Wife’s Lament” Day!

YarrOkay, it’s actually International Talk Like  Pirate Day. But since “The Captain’s Wife’s Lament” has become the “Frosty the Snowman” of the holiday (and because we be scurvy dogs), we be takin’ liberties.

AND SO SHALL YE! We be rolling out both of our pirate-themed songs in honor of the day. Listen to them, download them (by right-clicking or whatever on the links below), play them for your friends, BUY THEM (because Captains Paul and Storm be needin’ new blunderbusses and parrots), whatever your heart tells you is best.

The Captain’s Wife’s Lament


The Pirate’s Feast (as heard in Season Four of The Guild)


Show #138: Carl Sagan Never Did a Mic Drop

T-AsteroidEl 100 con 38 episode of Paul and Storm Talk About Some Stuff for Five to Ten Minutes (On Average), is now online.This week’s episode was recorded LIVE from DragonCon in Atlanta, GA, with special guests Molly Lewis, Lucky Yates, and Bad Astronomer Phil Plait, in which we gab about: impressive travel mugs and the TV Guide yacht; the Third Great American Age of Beards; the most dreaded questions; the “yes, and” world of improv; international candy bars and the metric system; Ellio’s Pizza is terrible; meat-dropping seagulls; Science Getaways, the birthplace of smart thinkin’, and improv in space; the Hulk vs. The Thing; Carl Sagan vs. Zooey Deschanel; cartoon Mr. T vs. an asteroid; and Abe Lincoln vs. Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Show #138: Carl Sagan Never Did a Mic Drop