Show #128: Fruit Borg and Zombie Cat (LIVE from NerdMelt)

The hundork ‘n’ tweighth episode of our podcast, Paul and Storm Talk About Some Stuff for Five to Ten Minutes (On Average), is now online.

This week’s episode: lying in front of an enthusiastic audience of 500 at NerdMelt; doing lots of work in Los Angeles; Mexican food and wall yogurt; franchising Yogurt Gloryhole; Kim Evey and Amy Berg join us for chatskies and it gets all sexy; the one TV in Los Angeles; Berg’s TV career synopsis, and announcement that she’s leaving Person of Interest; putting words and things in Michael Emerson’s mouth; Kim’s goings-on as web show creator and producer; making Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day kiss; how to be secret in show biz; the path to becoming a Hollywood writer; meeting Joss Whedon for reals; keeping shit straight when producing multiple shows; what the heck *is* a producer; doing things differently, craft series, and Hawaiian shave ice; is there a nerd cuisine, and is it cupcakes? Or bacon?; chocolate = nazis; valuing cultures by their cuisines; gastronauts and commissioning Alton Brown; Wil Wheaton is Jerry Lewis; Wil vs. Felicia (surviving a zombie apocalypse); Wil’s weak ankles; the Yamato vs. the Enterprise (surviving Adam Savage); starting a wikipedia page for Kim and enhancing Amy’s; filming a video for Write Like the Wind (GRRM song); hooray for Lindsey; more craft service; the Fruit Borg; working on Leverage and Eureka; Queen Elizabeth II’s panties; the juggernaut that is TableTop; apologizing on the part of cats; “puppies are assholes”; cat and dog zombies; and impending awesomeness with Written by a Kid.

MINION TASK: Create a wikipedia page for Kim Evey, and beef up Amy Berg’s.

Show #128: Fruit Borg and Zombie Cat (LIVE from NerdMelt)


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