You Left Me

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You left me
You left me
Whoa, you up and left me
And nothin’ feels right anymore
It was your right, babe, I know
But still, it hurt to see you go
When you left me and walked right out that door

Too many years
Too many beers
Too many tears that you shed
I lied and I cheated, and dared you to walk away

You had enough
You packed your stuff
You called my bluff when you said
You were done bein’ mistreated, and you were leavin’ today

You told me you were taking half of everything with you
Then you lifted that axe and swung downward and through


Now I’m out of my head, and my poor heart is broken
I’m all inside-out, and the carpet is soakin’
I never thought that this “trial separation”
Would involve quite so much amputation

You were neglected
And dejected
Now I’m bisected and blue
I gotta give you a hand, babe; ‘cause the last laugh’s on me

Now I’m grievin’
‘Cause you’re leavin’
After cleavin’ me in two
And now I’m half of the man, babe, I once used to be

The heartache and the hurtin’ that I can’t keep inside
Are like the blood, guts and organs that I can’t keep inside


I’m too weak now to fight it
The battle’s just too one-sided
Since you left me and walked right out that door