These Four Men

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In ancient times
In a land far-off
Full of goblins and mages and kobolds and kings

Valorous men
Tempted Evil’s wrath
For honor and riches and magical rings

Some found fortune
Some found despair
But all found things they had not known were there

Now ages after
Though their glories doth pale
Their deeds live onward in our song of their tale

But none of that shit matters
‘Cause it’s really just pretending
And tonight, we all are gathered here
To witness these four men bring their dumb asses to a table
And talk smack to each other
And there’s no mortal danger

Tonight, four men
With some paper and some dice
Will sit around pretending that they know how to fight

And move around some miniatures and say some made-up words
While every step gets second-guessed by several thousand nerds
Casting “Magic Missile” at the darkness

These four men…

These four men
And their DM
Full grown men
Four best friends
Omin Dran
And Binwin
Also Jim
And there’s Al

Acquisitions Incorporated!