John Mellencamp’s “Theme from 24”

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Little ditty ‘bout Jack Bauer’s plan
To try and stop the nerve gas attack by the mean Russian man
Jackie’s hidin’ in the ductwork, crawlin’ around
Then he pops up, pulls his gun, shoutin’ “Everybody down!”

Jackie just tryin’ to keep America free
But tell him a lie and he’ll shoot your wife right in the knee
Gotta get that intel, no matter the cost
He gonna give the wetlist to that German dude who was on “Lost”

Jackie say, “Hey Chloe, upload them schematics to my PDA
Gonna put my jacket hood on, hold my breath and save the day
Jackie say:

Oh yeah, life goes on
Long after they set off the nerve gas bomb
Oh yeah, I said life goes on
Long after Michelle, Tony and Edgar are gone

Little ditty ‘bout Jack Bauer’s plan
Gonna whisper, then shout some, then whisper again…