The Deballers

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If your testicles are givin’ you trouble
And you wanna get ‘em gone on the double
When your back’s to the wall
Who you gonna call?
Paul and Storm: the Deballers

All we need is ice and a saw and thread and needle
To help you say goodbye to Tweedledum and Tweedledeedle
A tisket, a tasket
No more eggs in the basket

When your pants pair is two too many
Call us up; soon you won’t have any!
Your new life begins
Once you lose the twins
Call Paul and Storm: the Deballers

Ditch the testes, keep the rest-ies
Paul and Storm: the Deballers


Inspired by this story of a St. Paul, MN man who suffered chronic pain, and when doctors refused to remove his testicles, he hired "other professionals" to do it for him in his home.