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For immediate gratification, you can order every single song we’ve ever released on our downloads page — pick and choose your favorite songs, get a whole CD’s worth, or try some special-discount package deals. We’re also available on iTunes and other online music stores, but we make less money that way.


 Gumbo Pants (2007) News to Us (2006) Opening Band (2005)

If you want to order an actual, physical CD (with liner notes, plastic case, and annoying shrink wrap), our preferred vendor (i.e., where we make the most money) is Bulletproof. Visit them online, or call them at (413) 527-9393 during regular business hours. Our CDs are also available via and the Bob & Tom Online Store, if you so choose.


Merchandise (Shirts and Other Crap with Our Picture on It)

You have a couple of options here, depending on what you’re looking for, and how much you’re willing to spend…

Option #1:  Bulletproof  The official Paul and Storm "Men’s Room" logo t-shirt (pictured, right) is available through our preferred vendor, Bulletproof. These 100% cotton, dark blue pigment-dyed shirts have our official logo on the front, and on the back is a short phrase that sums us up. ("[a short phrase that sums us up]"). Advantages: convenient; your cheapest online option. Disadvantage: only available in L and XL.

Option #2:  Live Shows  The same shirt is also available at our live shows. Advantages: more sizes available (usually S thru 2XL); no shipping; signed by us if you wish. Disadvantage: you have to be at our live show to get it, and we can’t be everywhere (much as we would like to).

Option #3:  CafePress  The "Men’s Room" logo and several others are available on a wide variety of shirts and other items (mugs, mousepads, thong underwear and the like) at our CafePress store. Advantages: many more sizes, logos, colors and items available. Disadvantages: more expensive; no printing on shirt backs (because it’d make everything even more prohibitively expensive).

See below for the current selection of logos available, and click on any one to see what items are available for that particular logo.

"Gumbo Pants Cover" Logo
"Men's Room" logo
Stick Figure Logo
"Gumbo Pants Cover" logo "Men’s Room" logo "Stick Figure" logo
"Stick Figure" Logo (white)
The Famous "Fromage" logo
The Famous "Fromage" logo (white
"Stick Figure" logo (white) The Famous "Fromage" logo The Original Famous "Fromage" logo (white)