Some Kind of Charity (or Something)

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[written by Jonathan Coulton and us for, with all proceeds to benefit Comic Relief]

We all are people
Everywhere we go
There are things we all are sure of
And some we just don’t know

And when it’s time to make a difference
We must do the things we can
And if we can’t
We only do what we can do

The world is like Ruth’s Chris
And the children are the meat
Brotherhood is the table
And the food is the food we eat

But some folks don’t have reservations
So they have to wait outside
We gotta bring them our love steak bones
And a side of inspiration
Wrapped up inside a tinfoil swan of pride

Some kind of charity or something
Time for all our hearts to see
We’re a family of hands that lights the way
Some kind of charity or something
We’re the “you” that makes us “we”
Because yesterday’s tomorrow starts today

Can I just take a moment here to say
My new Discovery Channel series starts this May

This is not the time to plug things
Like my new CD Zero Day
Or the vlogbrothers on YouTube
“Venture Bros.” starts again this fall



List of participants (in order of appearance):

Ken Plume
Paul Sabourin
Greg “Storm” DiCostanzo
Jonathan Coulton
Dave Hill
J. Elvis Weinstein
Bill Corbett
Phill Jupitus
Kevin Murphy
Mike Phirman
Jackson Publick
Doc Hammer
John Roderick
Molly Lewis
MC Frontalot
Hank Green
James Urbaniak
David Mitchell
The Russell Johnson/Dawn Wells Singers:
Joe “Covenant” Lamb
Aaron Poole
John “Widgett” Robinson

keyboards: Jonathan Coulton, Mike Lombardo
guitars: Jonathan Coulton, Dave Hill, Kevin Murphy