Randy Newman’s “Theme from ‘Seabiscuit'”

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Coat of brown
Trottin’ ’round
Poor little horse ain’t got a friend in town

Feelin’ blue
Nothin’ to do
’cept wait around to be a bottle of glue

Your jockey only got one good eye
Jeff Bridges played a real rich guy
Nobody believed that he could win
Go Biscuit, go!

You’re in a slump
You took some lumps
That ol’ Depression got ’em down in the dumps

But little man
You got a great big plan
To be the one to make them clap their hands

Ain’t nobody cuttin’ you no slack
But Spider Man is ridin’ on your back
Nobody believed that he could win
But you’re gonna show ’em, they’ll see
Nobody believed that he could win
Go, Biscuit, go
You’re my friend

Go, Biscuit, go
You got a reason to live