My Favorite Band

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My favorite band
Doesn’t write new songs anymore
My favorite band
Hasn’t played a show in more than fourteen years

I know that I should let it go
Believe me, I have tried
But no other band can make me feel
The way I feel inside
When they sing

“Sha-na-na-na na-na-na”
I will never be untrue to my favorite band
“Sha-na-na na-na-na”
And I don’t care if no one understands

I thought they’d be around forever
Everything was A-OK
When they all played together
My favorite band

I needed a plan
To make everything better again
I rented a van
And I drove around to where each one of them lived

It took a lot of time
And all my powers of persuasion
And just a touch of chloroform
Now they’re all in my basement singing

“Sha-na-na-na na-na-na”
Reunited again, my favorite band
“Sha-na-na na-na-na”
And they all agree that I’m their biggest fan

And now they’ll be around forever
Everything is supercool
Now that they’re back together

My favorite band, they understand
The way things are now
All they have to do is play the songs that I love
Over and over and over
And in return they know
I’ll worship them forever
And make their favorite meals
And keep their cages clean
It’s a great deal

“Sha-na-na-na na-na”
Endless party with my favorite band
“Sha-na-na na-na-na”
A cappella with my favorite band

Here forever with my favorite band
Start the fade out with my favorite band
It puts the lotion on my favorite band