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I’ve worked so long
Every night and every day
Been through hours and hours of research
And dozens of graves

The perfect girl
Turns out, was just too hard to find
So I had to make her
But can I make her mine?

Will she be friendly?
Or will she break free?
Will she terrorize the villagers?
Will she notice me?

Hard work and science
Are what I have to give
And all I’m asking in return
Is that you live

I know I’m smart
But a madman’s all they see
Now there’s finally a person
Who might love me for me

She holds my heart
Like the way that I held hers
The one from the cadaver
Igor just disinterred

Left nothing to chance now
Double-checked every stitch
The Tesla coils are charging up
Igor, throw the switch


They call me a monster
For making a monster
But what is a monster anyway?
Someone frightening the mob?
Someone playing God?
Or is it someone too scared to understand
And so they stand in love’s way?

Now here they come
Sounds like the rabble’s roused again
With their torches and their pitchforks
About to break in

There’s just no point
In trying to make them understand
I’ll wait here by her gurney
Holding onto her hand

Her eyes open slowly
She gives me a smile
Now we’ve got each other
At least for a while



This song was written for Round 2 of the Masters of Song Fu Challenge. In this particular round, our task was to write a song in the style of Jonathan Coulton.