Here’s Looking at You

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I saw you standin’ there
Angora down to there
Chewin’ on a rusty ol’ tin can

Without a single a word
I picked you from the herd
‘Cause I knew that I was meant to be your man

But that was oh, so very long ago
There was no way that I could ever know
The way that you would leave me so lonely and blue
I was dazed by the amazing way you grazed
So, kid, here’s lookin’ at you

Neighbors disapproved
When we went walking hand in hooves
The tribal elders said it was a sin

It seemed wrong, but felt so right
When I would milk you every night
And when we kissed your beard would tickle my chin

Let the normal people all stop and stare
And condemn our interspecies love affair
I’d forever be your ram if you’d be my ewe
It was sweet how my heart beat each time you’d bleat
So, kid, here’s lookin’ at you

From the day that I was born,
My mama would always warn:
“Baby, never trust a Capricorn”

And then that fateful day
Another goat came round your way
And undid all my hopes and dreams and plans

I thought our love would never end
Now you’re in someone else’s pen
And I’m the saddest shepherd in Sudan

I can’t compete with only two legs to his four
One "baaa" from him, you were walkin’ out the door
Here’s your coat, that’s all she wrote, so sorry, adieu
We both knew it was taboo for us to screw
So, kid, here’s lookin’ at you

The last laugh is mine, ‘cause I took your other guy
And ground him up into last night’s shepherd’s pie
And tonight you’re going into a green curry stew
You could do with one or two more hours to brew
Then, kid, here’s lookin’ at you