Fish Sticks

Have you ever heard a song about fish sticks?
It won’t take me long to tell you ’bout fish sticks
Not many people write a little ditty ’bout fish sticks

Don’t go tellin’ all your friends about fish sticks
Because I don’t want their grubby hands on-a my fish sticks
I can get quite nasty if you mess with my
Little fishy-ishy delights

Fish sticks in the oven
Fish sticks in the pan
Fish sticks in the letter that I got from Ed McMahon
Mama’s little baby loves fish sticks

If you happen to buy a package of fish sticks
You better make sure you keep your eyes on those fish sticks
’cause I’m gonna warn ya’
Buddy, I’ll sneak up on ya’
’cause I want all the fish sticks in the world
Just for me
(I eat them while watching TV)