Dexter the Credit Debt Badger

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Everybody out there knows Frosty and Santa
And Rudolph with his shiny red nose
But there’s another creature who embodies Xmas spirit
From his furry, stripe-y head
Down to his ten tiny toes

He’s Dexter the Credit-Debt Badger
Spreading lots of holiday cheer
When the big ticket item in the window looks invitin’
Dexter’s there to whisper in your ear
(“Buy another one!”)

Dexter the Credit-Debt Badger
Tells you not to worry ’bout the bank
And when they’re repossessin’ all of your possessions
Dexter is the badger you can thank

He says, “Go ahead and buy the plasma screen
’cause you deserve the very best”
And you can live inside the box that the set came in
When your house and kids get taken by the IRS

Everybody loves little Dexter
And the joy of giving that he represents
When Xmas ends, don’t shed a tear
’cause Dexter’ll stay around for years
At prime plus 22 percent!