Sic semper tyrannosaur!

Sic semper tyrannosaur

From a twitter exchange with Molly Lewis.


All work and no play makes Storm something-something…

TEDIOUS! That’s the word I was looking for. So instead of another rant or attempt at deeper meaning, I decided to create a t-shirt design and do show-and-tell.

…okay, the truth is that I spent my time doing this design instead of writing, and now I’m going to pass it off as an intentional plan. Which is now blown, because I’ve told you.

No matter! The fact is that I (and to a lesser extent, Paul) fell in love with Jaffa Cakes on our first trip to the UK. If you’re from the British Isles, you probably just pumped your fist in the air with joy, slapped a high five with whomever was near you, or went to the cupboard to fetch yourself said snack cake.
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Hidden In Plain Sight

It’s an achievement to be anonymous these days. Everyone and their dog is on Facebook, and a few keystrokes on Google usually turns up the rest. Yet there are dozens of people that we see every day who, for all intents and purposes, don’t really exist.

You see them on sites large and small, perfectly lit and photographed, smiling, and doing things Just Like You And I Would. Often you see them after mistyping a web address like that of the New York Times ( A genius move by the web squatters really. Instead of feeling rage because you’ve fallen into their trap, they distract you with a symmetrically-faced human being. Kinda takes the edge off of becoming an unwitting pawn in their efforts to extort money from, in this case, the New York Times (or, for all I know, there’s a band, philanthropic society, or dodgeball team called the New York Tims).

I’ve heard that Miami and L.A. are the modeling capitals of the U.S., but given how the avatars of the stock photography world usually look like they were poured straight from a milk carton, my guess is that they’re actually lassoed down or grown in Utah. But it doesn’t really matter, and I’m sure they’re grateful to get stock photo modeling gigs. And if Chrissie Hynde can stomach her music being used as the audio calling card for Rush Limbaugh, I’m sure these folks can handle falsely shilling for the New York Tims.

So hold your heads high, anonymous stock photo pixies. Hold. Your. Heads. HIGH.

Napoleon Sheen

Down and Out On Sesame Street

I wouldn’t call myself a news junkie, but I probably follow current events more than the average bear. And being an avid NPR lister (one of the sponsoring “listeners like you”, in fact), I couldn’t help but notice the recent efforts to defund public television and radio funding. Now I’m hardly an expert, and I’ll leave it to more knowledgeable and established pundits to debate the proper role of government, or whether or not the federal government should be involved in broadcasting at all during this golden age of cable and internet.

My interest is much narrower and far more lighthearted: if the proposed cuts do go through, what will happen to all of the newly unemployed Sesame Street Muppets? The following takes place on a New York City street, in one possible not-too-distant future…
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