Bad Advice Comix!

Yes, the last “Storm Will Give You Bad Advice” was only two posts ago. B-but…this one is a COMIC, illustrated by none other than Len Peralta of Geek-A-Week, Monster By Mail, and too many other projects to mention. You can imagine how busy he is, but if y’all like it, we’ll make more. And even though I’m providing my advice in comix form, the usual disclaimer still applies:

I’m not an expert of any kind, I cannot vouch for the efficacy or legality of my advice, and as a blanket statement recommend that no one should follow it, ever. It is bad advice. I will also not be held accountable if any of my advice is found to be thought-provoking, or if any portion therein could be deemed to be, by a deranged mind, constructive.

Would YOU like some bad advice? From ME? Simply send an e-mail to, and please put the words “bad advice” in the Subject line so that I can tell it apart from all of the space junk. But before asking, visit this post for complete details, disclaimers, and other caveats. Because it’s the right thing to do. NOTE: some questions will receive written answers, some will be made into comix, and others might not be answered at all. It’s the muse’s call.

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