Om Nom Mom’s (Leftover Restaurant)

In the tradition of Soup On Tap!, today I’m offering up another MILLION DOLLAR BUSINESS IDEA. From yesterday:

[S] Today’s Million Dollar Idea: a restaurant that only serves leftovers.

Uh-huh. Although the premise runs counter to the “fresh food” movement that’s sweeping the nation from Brooklyn to Portland, the majesty of leftovers can not be denied. Is there any greater joy than a serving of chili from a batch that’s been in the fridge for three days? Or a few handfuls of ripened turkey, picked straight off the bones? Sure, that lasagne was plenty good when it came riding out of the oven on a cloud of garlic steam. But after Chef Time weaves her magic…ah, bliss.

A logical point that several people pointed out is whether or not they’re “leftovers” if they haven’t been served at least once before. Maybe not technically, but the march of Commerce cares not for such trifling details! Commerce has enough to worry about with the health inspectors, who may not cotton to an eating establishment that keeps batches of food around, unfrozen, for a week or more at a time. Yes, I’m sure it happens ever day at non-fictional/non-silly restaurants. But it’s not their stated business model.

As for what this gastronomical gold mine will be called, I’ve settled on “Om Nom Mom’s”. Like many who posted name suggestions, the first one that came to mind was “Mom’s Kitchen”, but a quick Google search shows that there’s one “Mom’s Kitchen” for every ten people in the United States (one for every two in Tennessee). But for the sake of putting other people’s cleverness to good use, here are some of the other highlights (links go to the source tweets):

As with Soup On Tap!, please do pursue this if you’re inspired. If successful, all I ask this time is for a trip on SpaceShipTwo (or a comparable craft), a vellum transcription of ELO’s “Mr. Blue Sky” signed by Jeff Lynne himself, a gold-plated zeppelin, and a high-quality vanilla milkshake.



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