Top 10 Things I Do Every Day (and Enjoy)

The second after we announced Longer Thoughts, and with it my commitment to write at least 250 words every day, the dread began, like someone was forcing my mouth open and pouring some kind of thick, bitter pudding down my throat. Of course that “someone” was me, and in reality I’m a fan of bitter pudding (if dark chocolate counts).

But the metaphorical pudding was not delicious, and in fact made me want to retch and hide under my desk. One week later, the dread has been replaced with a sour whipped cream-like doubt about my ability to produce something interesting every day. So to bolster my morale, I decided to compile a list of ten things I do every day and enjoy.

I only came up with seven. Still, that’s seven things I do consistently, enjoy, and do well. And so I proudly present…

Storm’s 7 Top 10 Things I Do Every Day (and Enjoy) (does not include autonomic nervous functions*)

1. Talk To Mrs. Storm and Paul – piece of cake!
2. Eat – also easy, especially if it involves pieces of cake.
3. Drink Coffee – sometimes accompanied by cake.
4. Check E-mail – not only every day, but pretty much constantly.
5. Read the News – I’m the champ! And on multiple devices!
6. Poop – yes, our bodies more or less force us to poop every day, but I’m really, really good at it.
7. Get Dressed – although there are days when I wear the clothing I woke up in for most of the day, it’s rare that I don’t at least swap out the under-gaskets at some point.

Wow; I feel better already! And for the record, I’ve also started spending more time writing short stories, so as far as I’m concerned, the pressure to write long, boring, non-controversial essays is OFF. Hooray!

*Autonomic Nervous Functions is the name of my Talking Heads cover band

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